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GI Online Academy Lesson Plans

Lower Primary / Elementary School

1. The Whole Body Subtration Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

2. Where is My Fact Family  Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

3. Time to Tell Time Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

4. Time to Roll Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

5. Time Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

6. Sweat Addition Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

7. Stretch the Values Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

8. Skip Counting by Two Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

9. Shape Sort Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

10. Pizza Time Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

11. Ones, Tens and Hundreds Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

12. One Fish Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

13. Multiplication Stories Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

14. Math With Bears Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

15. Length Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

16. Know Your Shapes Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

17. Inverse Addition Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

18. Greater Than Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

19. Greater Than Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

20. Greater Than Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

21. Greater Than three Digit Numbers Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

22. Graphing Data Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

23. Goods and Services Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

24. Getting Wordy with Subtraction Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

25. Fractions of a Whole Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

26. Counting Hours Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

27. Borrowing Center Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

28. Bar Graphs Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

29. All About Three Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

30. Addition with Regrouping Center Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

31. Adding Three is a Breeze Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

32. Adding It All Up Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

33. Adding It All Up Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

34. Add It Up Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

35. 2-D Shapes Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

36. Addition of 2 and 3 Digit Numbers Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

37. Changes in Density Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

38. Coin Counting Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

39. Math Manipulatives Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

40. Reading Analog and Digital Clocks Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

41. Importance of Symbols Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download


1. Bookmarks Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

2. Class Rules Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

3. Completing the Squiggles Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

4. Descriptive Stories Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

5. Initial Drawing Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

6. Letter Sentences Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

7. Make Birthday Chart with Balloons Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

8. Make Set of Naming Labels Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

9. Masks Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

10. Name Patterns Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

11. Naughts and Crosses Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

12. Picture Stories Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

13. Scavenger Hunt Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

14. Shape Drawings Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

Upper Primary / Lower Middle School

1. Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

2. Creating Floor Plans in Excel Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

3. Fraction Boot Camp Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

4. Review of Multiplication Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

5. Types of Triangles Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

6. Addition and Subtraction Dominos Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

7. Draw Money for Class Math Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

8. Perimeter of Clipart Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

9. School Day Time Table Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

10. Type a Series of Word Peoblems Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

11. Work out the Area of a Piece of Clipart Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download


1. Diagram of an Animal Lesson plan  Science     Read   Download

2. Drawing Growth and Water Cycles Lesson plan  Science     Read   Download


1. A to Z List Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

2. Art Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

3. Copy and Change Famous Adverisement Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

4. Decorate and Personalize the Front of your Monitor Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

5. Design Postage Stamp Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

6. Design a Sign Grade Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

7. Monitors Calendar Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

8. Personal Flag Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

9. Proof Reading Checklist Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

10. Recipe for Favorite Sandwich Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

11. Signing Your Door Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

12. Type Out Stories Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

13. Ways to Start a Sentence Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

Senior Secondary / High School

1. An Introduction to Plants Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

2. Observing Human Cells Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

3. Photosynthesis Lab Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

4. Plant Cell Structure Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

5. Plant Nutrition Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

6. The Different Types of Plants Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

7. The Role Organelles Play in a Cell Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

8. Virtual Microscope Lab Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

9. Comparing Plant and Animal Cell Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download


1. Blank Experiment Report Lesson plan  Science     Read   Download


1. Introduction to Geometry Proofs Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

2. Parabolas Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

Junior Secondary / Upper Middle School

1. Book Report Form Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

2. Design Book Cover Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

3. Design a Video Game Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

4. Design a Letter Head Paper Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

5. Make a Post Card Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

6. Make a Sheet to Advertise a Class Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

7. Newspaper Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

8. People Bingo Lesson plan  English     Read   Download

9. Personal Dictionary Lesson plan  English     Read   Download


1. Draw Diagrams of Science Equipment Lesson plan  Science     Read   Download

2. Graph Numbers and Results Lesson plan  Science     Read   Download


1. Ordering Rational Numbers Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

2. Graphing Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

3. Train Time Table Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

4. Work Out Percentages on Spreadsheet Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download


1. Comparing Aerobic to Anaerobic Respiration Lesson plan  Biology     Read   Download

Pre School

1. Simple Addition Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

2. The Triangular Recycling Symbol Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

3. Shadows and Shapes Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

4. Rolling Math Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

5. Place Value Party Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

6. Number Recognition 1 - 10 Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

7. Money Math Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

8. Matching Numbers Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

9. Let Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

10. Ladybug Addition Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

11. It is Pattern Time Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

12. I Know my Numbers 1 - 100 Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

13. Five Busy Little Bees Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

14. Comparing Tall and Short Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

15. Comparing Big and Small Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

16. Butterfly Unit - Symmetry Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

17. Math Counting Lesson plan  Mathematics     Read   Download

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