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Skills Training

Computer Programming

1. Scott Chacon - Pro Git      Read   Download

2. Tim Ottinger - Vim Like A Pro      Read   Download

3. Charles Petzold - Programming Windows (6th Edition, Win8)      Read   Download

4. Robert Martin - Clean Code      Read   Download

5. Martin Fowler - Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing      Read   Download

6. Scott Rogers - Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design      Read   Download

7. Ben Lynn - Git Magic      Read   Download

8. Scott Meyers - Effective C++ 3rd Edition      Read   Download

9. Scott Meyers - Effective STL      Read   Download

10. Antony Polukhin - Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook      Read   Download

11. Kernighan, Ritchie - The C Programming Language, 2nd edition      Read   Download

12. Chad Fowler - The Passionate Programmer, 2nd edition      Read   Download

13. Beej - Guide to Network Programming      Read   Download

14. Andrew Hunt & David Thomas - Pragmatic Programmer      Read   Download

15. Gang of Four - Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software      Read   Download


1. Brick Kiln      Read   Download

2. Earthship Building      Read   Download

3. Building Without Borders      Read   Download

4. Building a Straw Bale House The Red Feather Construction Handbook      Read   Download

5. Compressed Earth Block Design and Construction      Read   Download

6. cob_builders_handbook      Read   Download

7. Compressed Earth Block Manual of Production      Read   Download

8. Thermal Storage Wall Design Manual      Read   Download

9. Building With Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture      Read   Download

10. Cooling by underground earth tubes      Read   Download

11. Basic Principles of Passive Solar Design      Read   Download

12. Earthbag-Building-The-Tools-Tricks-and-Techniques      Read   Download

13. Mud Brick Roofs      Read   Download


1. Our Southern Highlanders       Read   Download

2. The Survival Bible      Read   Download

3. Drafts & Drawings      Read   Download

4. The Complete Outdoorsmans Handbook      Read   Download

5. Improving the Odds in Your Favor      Read   Download

6. Useful Wild Plants      Read   Download

7. Thoreau, Henry David - Walden or, Life in the Woods (1854)      Read   Download

8. Aids to Survival      Read   Download

9. Tarp Shelters      Read   Download

Lifestyle Health and Fitness

1. The_Complete_Book_Of_Taekwon_Do_Forms      Read   Download

2. 01. Introduction To Jiu-Jitsu      Read   Download


1. Follow the Leader How changes in residential and non-residential investment predict changes in GDP (Green) (printed)      Read   Download

2. Breman And Subrahmanyam-Investment Analysis And Price Formation In Securities Markets      Read   Download

3. The relationship between housing investment and economic growth in China A panel analysis using quarterly provincial data-working paper(Chen_Zhu)(printed)      Read   Download

4. Build your own Investment and Financial Calculator (TMV,NPV,IRR)      Read   Download

5. Finance, Investment, Stock, Trading - Soros Unauthorized Biography      Read   Download

6. Colin Jones - Property Markets- Planning Policy and Property Investment      Read   Download

7. The Business Of Investment Banking      Read   Download

8. Investment Strtaegy based on gearing ratio by Muradoglu.2004-002      Read   Download

9. investment_banking      Read   Download

10. 52593 Real Estate Investment Trusts in the US Industry Report      Read   Download

11. Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking      Read   Download

12. 101_Investment_Tools_for_Buying_Low_and_Selling_High      Read   Download

13. Investment - How The Stock Market Works      Read   Download

14. 636. investment_swindles_-_how_they_work_and_how_to_avoid_them_(ayahama_dot_com)      Read   Download

15. DiNapoli, Joe - Trading with DiNapoli Levels - The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets      Read   Download

16. multi-stage investment oppportunities as compound options      Read   Download

17. green-card-through-investment-EB-5-program-guide      Read   Download

18. Wiley Investment Risk Management      Read   Download

19. 12-Foreign Direct Investment      Read   Download

20. Monthly_Moving_Averages_Effective_Investment_Tool       Read   Download

21. AIE_Investment_opportunity      Read   Download

22. BM-3.2 Investment Appraisal      Read   Download

23. The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Investment Banking      Read   Download

Leadership and Management

1. Mcgraw-Hill - Fundamentals Of Managerial Economics      Read   Download

2. Father to Son      Read   Download

3. Mba In Finance      Read   Download

4. The Creation of Conscious Culture through Educational Innovation      Read   Download

5. The Turnover Dilemma A Question to Keep Employees      Read   Download

6. Inside The Guru Mind - Peter Drucker      Read   Download

7. The Secrets of Market-Driven Leaders A Pragmatic Approach      Read   Download

8. Menshikov - Millionaires and Managers - Structure of US Financial Oligarchy (1969)      Read   Download

9. Finance Management Project Strategic - Handbook for small business      Read   Download

10. Just 1% The Power of Microtrends      Read   Download

11. Tao Te Ching      Read   Download

12. Five-Minute Mba In Corporate Finance      Read   Download

Business and Wealth

1. The Science of Getting Rich      Read   Download

2. Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor_investing_+_found_at_redsamara      Read   Download

3. Robert Kiyosaki - I Love My Debt      Read   Download

4. A Man Thinketh Commentary      Read   Download

5. IDIOTS GUIDE - Complete Idiots Guide to Small Business      Read   Download

6. Robert Kiyosaki - CASHFLOW Quadrant Rich Dad Guide To Fin      Read   Download

7. Donald Trump - Fortune Without Fear Real Estate Riches      Read   Download

8. Robert G Allen - Road To Wealth      Read   Download

9. David Frey - The Small Business Marketing Bible 2003 (312 Pages)      Read   Download

10. Harvard Business School Press - Blue Ocean Strategy (2005)      Read   Download

11. Robert Greene & Joost Elffers - The 48 Laws of Power      Read   Download

12. E-Commerce And Small Business - A Recipe For Success      Read   Download

13. The Quick and Easy Way To Start an Internet Business”      Read   Download

14. Harvard Business Review - What Is Strategy - Michael Porter      Read   Download

15. Finance, Investment, Stock, Trading - Soros Unauthorized Biography      Read   Download

16. Kaplan - The Business Start Up Kit      Read   Download

17. Economics - Freakonomics - A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything - S D Levitt & S J D~0      Read   Download

18. Finance Investment - Trump Strategies for Real Estate      Read   Download

19. How To Write A Business Plan - Nolo      Read   Download

20. Harvard Business Review - How information gives you competitive advantage - Michael Porter      Read   Download

21. Consulting-Ten Commandments of Small Business Lesson      Read   Download

22. Mike Enlow - How to Start With Nothing And Create Great Wealth      Read   Download

23. Marketing Branding - Defending the Brand - Aggressive Strategies for Protecting Your Brand in the Online      Read   Download

24. smart strategies for small business      Read   Download

25. Wiley Intermarket Technical Analysis Trading Strategies For The Global Stock, Bond, Commodity, etc      Read   Download

26. As_A_Man_Thinketh_E-Book      Read   Download

27. Learn the Principles of Business Writing      Read   Download

28. Robert Allen - Infopreneurship      Read   Download

29. Real Estate - Mortgage & Finance      Read   Download

30. Harvard Business Review - Why Good Companies Go Bad      Read   Download

31. Robert Kiyosaki - My Personal Financial Statement      Read   Download

32. Trading For A Living In The Forex Market      Read   Download

33. Maslow A.H. - A Theory of Human Motivation      Read   Download

34. Robert Allen - Money Tree Formula      Read   Download

35. 7 Hidden Psychological To Maximize Sales      Read   Download

36. Kaplan Professional - Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor - 2003      Read   Download

37. problem-solving      Read   Download

38. Robert T. Kiyosaki - Own Your Own Corporation (224 Pages)      Read   Download

39. Ron Paul -- Pillars of Prosperity - Free Markets, Honest Money, Private Property      Read   Download

40. Finance Investment - The Global Money Markets      Read   Download

41. McGraw-Hill - The Law of Financial Success      Read   Download

42. Strategic_Marketing_Handbook      Read   Download

43. Finance Fitness      Read   Download

44. Set Boundaries - Delegation      Read   Download

45. Katz & McCormick 2000 The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies      Read   Download

Hunting and Leatherwork

1. (OM) Braided Leather Knife Lanyard      Read   Download

2. (OM) Hotwaxing Leather Sheaths      Read   Download

3. (OM) Knife Sheath      Read   Download

4. Tanning Deer Hides and Small Fur Skins      Read   Download

Cooking and Recipes

1. Ebook -en- Cooking- Jamie Oliver - The Naked Chef 2 Cook Book      Read   Download

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